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Fytoo Optical 2024 Prime July Sale Activities Starts!!!


We're glad that you're reading this email. We hold some new campaigns on our website to help us build a better collaboration relationship.

Section A Customer Appreciation Sale

20% OFF recommended lenses (Select refractive index page has lenses recommended based on user prescriptions, which are discounted).
Frames down to $1.
Frames 50% off in the promotion category.
Lucky draw after placing order.
Section B Exclusive Affiliates Coupons (At Higher Discount!)

1.Code: IM6T ($6 off on orders $50+ coupon)

2.Code: IM10T ($10 off on orders $80+ coupon)

3.Code: IM15T ($15 off on orders $120+ coupon)

4.Code: IM25T ($25 off on orders $180+ coupon)

5.Code: IM10 (10% off coupon (Invalid for frames under $10 or accessories))

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